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MN judge cites Trump tweet about delaying the election to ease mail-in voting restrictions.


Sam Levine

Minnesota judge cites Trump tweet about delaying the election in approving consent decree to ease Minnesota mail-in voting restrictions. "As the Defendant noted at argument, the President’s own tweets suggest a recognition that voter safety will be compromised in November."

5:38 PM · Aug 3, 2020
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Bwahaha! Is right. Keep crowing assholes.

Since these leftist judges are so intent on making it easy for Democrats to cheat, it's about time Republicans take advantage of it and cheat.

They claim that Republicans have 'stolen' elections. But if they thought that was really true they wouldn't be making it easier to cheat and steal an election

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1. That's awesomely brilliant!
The jack*ss party always think that their corruption is 'brilliant'.