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  1. #1 Portland - 63 shootings, 15 homicides in the month of July 
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    According to authorities, Portland has seen more homicides over the course of a single month that it has seen in more than three decades. There were 63 shootings and 15 homicides during the month of July.

    To finish the month of violence off on July 31st, the last day of the month there was a 150-round shooting in an apartment. During the shooting, one female was struck by gunfire in the arm. Responding officers applied a tourniquet to stop the bleeding, and she was transported to a nearby hospital to be treated for non-life threatening injuries.
    Obviously more range time is needed.
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    Yeah that bunch wouldn't help much for a rifle platoon
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    I guess Idaho is responsible for all the gun violence.
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    I guess Portland is turning into Chiraq on the west coast.
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