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  1. #1 Portland Cops Are Getting the Hell Out of Antifastan 
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    By the time the month of August rolls off the calendar, there will have been a record number of Portland Police Bureau retirements. What that means is antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters’ demands that civil society “defund the police” and get “the pigs,” appear to be working in Portland, Oregon.

    So far this month, 15 Portland police officers have put in their official paperwork to retire at the end of the month. That sounds like a trifle, but there have been multiple appointments made to finalize the paperwork for more retiring cops that haven’t been counted in that number. The Bureau is on-trend to lose a “record number” of officers – maybe as many as 42 by the end of the month, and 100 by the end of the year, according to multiple knowledgeable officers who spoke to PJ Media.
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    The way the Cops have been treated across this country, and rioters cut loose every day. I'd be surprised if any big city has any Cops left in them by the end of the year.

    Then the Democratic run cities can finally proclaim " UTOPIA " at last.
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