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    Prof who said doctors should be judged on merit, not race 'no longer' holds same job, colleagues say

    A professor at the University of Pittsburgh has been removed from his position directing a fellowship program associated with the school's hospital system amid backlash to a white paper he authored critiquing affirmative action policies in the medical field.

    UPitt Associate Professor of Medicine Norman Wang was removed from his position as Program Director of the Electrophysiology Fellowship, according to at least two academics. As of Wednesday, his biography on the School of Medicine’s website no longer shows the title. A Google cached preview version of his bio shows that the page previously listed him as "Director,

    “the views expressed in Dr. Wang's paper do not in any way reflect those of the University of Pittsburgh Division of Cardiology or the UPMC Heart and Vascular Institute"
    I wonder how the academic idiots would feel if they needed a heart operation and had the choice to review several doctors' backgrounds before having the operation or choose their doctor by color alone.
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    In a perfect world, I would crop this down to just Wayne Brady's line, but frankly, the whole thing is still appropriate for the subject.
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