It has been widely reported in the last several days that, sometime within the past ten days to two weeks, a seven-year-old boy from Chatham County (the Savannah area), Georgia died "from COVID-19." If the media didn't say the child died "from COVID-19" they reported that he died "of COVID-19" or "of coronavirus."

Even Fox News declared, "A 7-year-old old boy from Savannah, Ga., with no underlying conditions, became the youngest victim to die from the coronavirus ..." (Emphasis mine.) Like Fox News, virtually all of the media repeatedly reported that the child had "no underlying conditions." Even my local radio station ó repeating the deception every 30 minutes for hours on end ó which, among other conservative programming, carries The Rush Limbaugh Show, helped perpetuate this latest example of Wuhan virus "fear porn."
Further down:

So it seems that the boy died not "from COVID-19," but rather as the result of a seizure and a fall in the shower. It seems that, prior to his death, the child had zero Wuhan virus symptoms, and that after he was pronounced dead, "a rapid test showed evidence of COVID-19 positivity."