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    Bill de Blasio literally turns his back on NYC business owner hurt by COVID-19

    New York Cityís Bill de Blasio is surely the worst mayor in the country ó and that is despite heroic efforts by the mayors of Chicago and Portland.

    De Blasio made a stop this week in New York City's Chinatown, where a grocer approached him to discuss the economic hardships brought on by the coronavirus pandemic and the related lockdowns. The shop owner also asked what city officials plan to do to help struggling businesses.

    Amazingly, as the grocer was still talking, the mayor quite literally turned his back on him and walked away, muttering on his way out, "Thatís very unfortunate."
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    NYC, Chicago, etc. The real question for anyone who can think on their own is "Who are the stupid fucks who keep voting these self-serving idiots into power?" With minor interruptions it's been decades of Dim's who always make these wild, empty promises that they can't possibly pay for, and every damn time these brainless dumbfucks buy into it?! For the 15th time, they think this time they mean it?
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