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  1. #1 CNN: Kamala Harris throws Trump off balance 
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    LOL. The Democrats Propaganda media continues to "report" what they wish was or hope is 'true' rather than the actual news or actual truth.

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    CNN: Kamala Harris throws Trump off balance

    PCNN)Everyone knew that Sen. Kamala Harris was a frontrunner to get the nod as Joe Biden's running mate; everyone, it seems, except President Donald Trump and his brain trust of loyalists and paid staffers.

    How could they have been this unprepared?


    The news has thrown Trump visibly off balance, and sent his campaign flailing just as badly. Even his chorus of cheerleaders at Fox News is having trouble deciding what to make of Harris -- further evidence of what a smart decision Biden made.
    Much more at link. Superb article that will have dotard raging.


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    2. She is going to make him cry.
    Oh, I'm sure she'll act like a bitch, but then I'm sure President Trump will expect it.
    cayugafalls (2,514 posts)

    4. And yet they are all over YouTube with ads already slamming her.

    They have definitely increased their ad buy as they show up in my feed a lot. Perhaps, it is because I crossover and view a few fox clips from time to time (that's probably it). I should have known better.
    Right, that's how UNPREPARED 'they' are. LOL.

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    7. I look forward to Kamala Harris prosecuting the hell out of Trump and Pence.....

    Presenting FACTS with a style that is going to make them pees their pants. Foe Kamala Harris communicates with people. She reaches them in ways that makes her one of them. Her story IS an American Dream story. Her values and principles are what makes her the person to be the next VP of the United States and perhaps President.

    No matter who the Republicans put up in 2024, they are going too be in for a world of hurt. Trump and Pence are in for a real world of hurt as well.
    Right. Mueller, spending millions and 2 years couldn't find anything he did that was criminal, nor could the Democrats with all the time they have spent trying to find something..........but the DUmmies are just positive Camelgirl is going go find something.

    But then they don't care if it's true or the have to railroads someone they hate, do they? They really are oblivious to the political temperature, aren't they?
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    10. If you look at how she will improve the desire of

    blacks to vote following Black Lives Matter & John Lewis while being encouraged by Kamala & Barack, Kamala's addition puts Trump in a deeper hole in a number of the battleground states.
    Right. Because black people are going to be thrilled with increased taxes and crime, riots and their communities being torn apart, as well as socialism and allowing not only criminals to roam free but illegal immigration to take their jobs. Or something.
    SheltieLover (6,296 posts)

    11. Absolutely!

    Very true! 😁👍
    Meanwhile the corrupt, senile old man and Camelgirl sling accusations and then run from the press.
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    No one is capable of throwing Trump off balance. That is CNN wishful thinking.
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    he will never permit
    the righteous to be moved.
    Psalm 55:22
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    More delusional rantings from
    CNN and the DUmmies.
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    He’s going to stomp a mud hole and walk it dry in Joe and his hoe.
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    Off balance? Is that why Trump was able to do a campaign ad against her within hours?
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    Facts don't matter to DUpipo.

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    It's like the Michael Dukakis Campaign 2.0 already.
    " I doan care about the NFL sshtrugggling... "
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