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  1. #1 Reporter to Trump: "Do you regret all of the lying you have done to the American peop 
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    Reporter to Trump: "Do you regret all of the lying you have done to the American people?"

    Reporter to Trump: "Do you regret all of the lying you have done to the American people?"


    S.V. DŠte, a White House reporter for HuffPost, asked President Trump at a briefing Thursday if he regrets "all of the lying" he has done "to the American people" over the last three and a half years.

    Why it matters: The Washington Post fact-checker finds that Trump has made over 20,000 false or misleading claims throughout his presidency. Trump, who has rarely been confronted directly with claims that he has lied, paused for a moment before moving on to another reporter without answering the question.

    The exchange:

    REPORTER: "Mr. President, after three and a half years, do you regret at all, all the lying you've done to the American people?"

    TRUMP: "All the what?"

    REPORTER: "All the lying. All the dishonesties."

    TRUMP: "And who is that?"

    REPORTER: "You have done."

    Trump just moved on to the next questioner.

    AFT reporters started letting him have some hardball questions.


    That's what they call a "hardball question"?

    Here's what the DUmmies/Democrats consider a "lie" -

    Something said sarcastically - they disregard the sarcasm and then claim it's a "lie"
    President Trump says something happened 5 times and it really happened 4 times.
    Obvious hyperbole - they ignore the hyperbole and claim it's a 'lie'.
    When their opinion or "settled science" - which isn't settled science - doesn't agree with what they believe.
    If he doesn't give in and accept their lies and tells the truth.

    It's all a bunch of nit picking with the sole goal of being able to claim he's lied X times!!111@!1

    Anything they don't agree with, they call a lie, even when there is proof it isn't a lie.

    Trump just moved on to the next questioner.
    Yep, President Trump treated them like the trash they are. All they care about is their 'gottcha' questions and making THEMSELVES the 'news'.

    They aren't interested in reporting serious, fact based, neutral news.

    They're so busy whoring themselves out to the Democrat Party, and they're so arrogant that I doubt they've considered the likely end result of whoring themselves out to the Democrats.

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    3. He pretended like the question was not even asked. Not very quick on his feet with a retort.

    He gave it the answer it deserved.

    world wide wally (18,179 posts)

    5. I hope that during the debates, Biden doesn't hesitate for one second to call him a liar
    Nevilledog (7,550 posts)

    6. Notice how he didn't call the male reporter a "nasty man".
    C Moon (8,230 posts)

    7. True! I just don't get these women who support this terrible person.

    And most of them probably consider themselves of moral value.
    He called her nasty because of the way she treated others - Kavanaugh, Sessions and Barr. I don't bother with "nasty", I go right to 'bitch', because that is what she is. But then there were a lot of bitches at those hearings.

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    9. They aren't women. A real woman would

    NEVER support that misogynistic POS! I don't know what they are (I could hazard a guess) but they aren't women. Maybe their husbands turned them into RW Stepford Wives/robots.
    Yes, Pigman and other Democrats are into stereotypes and bigotry big time, as well as racism.
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    I'm surprised they didn't ask Trump if he stop beating his wife
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