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    By Michael Bristow
    BBC News, Beijing
    China has censored parts of the new US president's inauguration speech that have appeared on a number of websites.

    Live footage of the event on state television also cut away from Barack Obama when communism was mentioned.

    China's leaders appear to have been upset by references to facing down communism and silencing dissent.

    English-language versions of the speech have been allowed on the internet, but many of the Chinese translations have omitted sensitive sections.

    Selective editing

    China keeps a firm grip on the country's media outlets and censors their news reports as a matter of routine.

    Like the rest of the world, it has been keenly following developments in the United States; President Obama's inauguration was front page news.

    But the authorities seem not to want ordinary Chinese people to read the full, unexpurgated version of the president's speech.

    In his inauguration address, President Obama said: "Recall that earlier generations faced down fascism and communism not just with missiles and tanks, but with sturdy alliances and enduring convictions."

    That entire passage was retained for an English-language version of the speech that appeared on the website of state-run Xinhua news agency.

    Much more from BBC News
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    Censoring sensitive news reports is nothing new in China, where officials go to great lengths to cut critical material.
    Congress is in the process of reviving the Fairness Doctrine to silence conservative talk radio.

    Obama to DOJ: Block terrorist ad

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    China and our other trading partners will get frantic if Obama and the Democratic Congress carries out their threat of protectionism, human/ labor rights for workers, environmental concerns and scrapping trade agreements. The shit will hit the fan if he employs what the unions and the lefties want and Congress removes China from most favorite nations.
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