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  1. #1 Democrats need to be smart and hold off on threats 
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    Democrats need to be smart and hold off on threats

    because I don't believe threatening to end the filibuster and pack the courts will work in their favor. Talk of ending the filibuster was already out there and a lot of folks wouldn't even know what it means. But, I believe talk of increasing the number of judges on the Supreme Court will motivate republicans, especially evangelicals and can hurt some of the Democratic senate races. I also believe it will frighten some independents and moderate republicans who are on the fence. Most informed liberals have acknowledged privately that both moves will be required to truly realize a progressive agenda in the years to come, but there is no need to shout about it. I just believe it will provide Trump cover in the debates to avoid talk of other issues and force Biden on the defense. These tings are better done in private with some Republicans who may side with Dems and help pressure Turtle.


    Right. Hide Democrats plans for corruption and abuse of power. They continue to demonstrate that they are willing to do ANYTHING to regain the power they think they're entitled to.

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    1. Agreed. I would love to play rough right now, but we can't scare independents.
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    2. I'd counter that those Indys/suburban women would be more worried about Roe than court packing...

    And energizing voters cuts both ways. There will surely be polls about this issue shortly so we'll see what they have to say.
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    3. I think SOME Democrats should say it out loud...

    ...but that Biden should simply smile and say I have confidence that the Senate Republicans will hold to the principles they declared in 2016, and refuse to appoint a Supreme Court Justice during an election year. Since I trust them to do the right thing and wait until after the Inauguration, we have no need to think about expanding the Court. Says it all, really.
    The PRESIDENT nominates, the SENATE confirms.

    That's the way it was in 2016 when it was a DEMOCRAT PRESIDENT and REPUBLICAN SENATE. The senate is not obliged to confirm the president's nominee.

    Today it's a REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT and a REPUBLICAN SENATE. If the Senate wants to confirm the President's nominee they can.

    The minority DOES NOT get to dictate to the majority. Republicans did not do it to Democrats. Obama got his other two picks even thought they were leftist who were picked for their political activism rather than adhering to the constitution.

    On the other hand since Democrats are all in on packing the courts President Trump should claim that if it's good enough for the Democrats then it's good enough for the Republicans and threaten to increase the court by two.
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    Ah, yes, try to deceive voters with phony denials and after the election do what you said you would not do.
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