Tech school instructor on leave over Obama remarks

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Associated Press

WICHITA, Kan. - An instructor at Wichita Technical Institute is on administrative leave after a student complained about remarks he made while watching Barack Obama's inauguration on television.

The student said she was so offended by the instructor's remarks Tuesday, that she walked out of the computer networking class. The woman, Danyeal Jackson, said the teacher gave a play-by-play mocking what Obama said in his inauguration address.

Jackson said the instructor questioned the intelligence of those who voted for Obama and asserted that the nation's first black president was elected "because of the color of his skin." She said one other student was upset by the remarks but that she was the only one to complain.

School officials say they are taking the complaint seriously, and that they train their instructors to keep politics out of the classroom.
I wish public schools would just live stream classroom activities. We have no way of knowing what really happened here.