Maj just got the word, on Shep Smith show, scheduled to be announced tomorrow.

All combat brigades to be out in 16 months.

""The liberals all wanted another Viet Nam style 'victory' and now with this bird they have it !"

Real effect is immediate surrender of purpose. No commander is going to undertake any major mission knowing that, at the very longest, no US offensive military power will be in-country after next Spring, so why waste lives to gain something we soon will give away.

Offensive operations will stop. Brigades will go into a useless, purely defensive mode. It's over. Our POTUS surrendered. About 3000 Americans volunteered to pay the ultimate price in Iraq so we could be free. Obama just ensured those sacrifices will have no lasting meaning.

Bush prayed for every one of them and their souls. Obama just pissed on every one of their graves.

The bastard.