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    COVID-19 Lockdowns Contributed To 100,000 US Deaths, New CDC Guidance Suggests

    Yesterday, NY Gov Andrew Cuomo made headlines after laying into President Trump during a press briefing yesterday, accusing the president of having the blood of tens of thousands of dead New Yorkers - and hundreds of thousands more across the US.

    Ironically, the news follows reports from Kansas about a nursing home that saw every single one of its residents infected during one of the worst such outbreaks in the US since COVID-19 first arrived in the US early this year.

    But Cuomo's comments, and the backlash they elicited, also coincided with the latest guidance update from the mercurial CDC, which offered some fresh insight into the breakdown of the excess mortality across the US since the WHO first declared COVID-19 to be a global pandemic.

    While 200,000 of the 300k excess deaths have been directly attributed to COVID-19, researchers suspect that the other 100,000 excess deaths were indirectly caused by COVID-19: For example, they might have been drug overdoses or suicides brought on by depression, or a fatal stroke caused by a lack of testing availability.
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    This entire COVID19 thing has been so politicized that they have taken a relatively haarmless virus and blown it up into the Black Death. People are running around in masks that do little or nothing to mitigate the spread of Covid and we shut down our whole economy. It's fucking insane. Yet, people being the sheep that they are have gone along with all of this nonsense, at least so far. I'[m not sure how long people are going to tolerate the madness being foisted onto them. This whole thing is now about control and the question remains whether we will be controlled or not. If Biden happens to win our tolerance will be put to the test. When Trump wins I am hopeful that much of this nonsense will be dispensed with and we can get on with life. We'll see.
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