I listen to American Family Radio a lot, and have been hearing about this movie they made for a while. Right now you can watch it for free on the above website, and I finally got a chance to sit down and watch it. The whole LGBTQXYZ movement and the forced acceptance of it has done so much damage to American and European culture and churches (we know the middle eastern Muslim countries ain't having it, much of Asian and Indian culture has some weird views of sexuality already, so I'm not sure what the effects there are) that any realistic opposition voices need to be heard and spread. The movie does a good job first looking at Biblical definitions and support for the traditional views of gender and sexuality, how churches and individuals should be responding to the arguments about "acceptance", then looking at the cultural and individual effects of affirming gender identity, dangers of the treatments like hormone blockers, as well as some of the few stats available about issues after transitions, medical and psychological. There are also testimonies from people who went through sexual lifestyles and transitions who have first hand experience with the results and lack of desired results from going through many of these processes. Well worth a watch regardless of how you may feel on the topic.