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Maybe, but not winning a game in 4 years shows a level of blind ignorance on somebody's part. Either the coach is simply evil or the school administration believes that throwing their students to the wolves repeatedly offers some kind of "lesson".

Either way, an adult is using these kids to score points (not game points) in a twisted kind of way. Now that's really unsporting.

Maybe these kids would be killer ping-pong players or Texas Hold 'Em champs or rope jumpers. In real life, people build on their strengths. Everybody has something that they are good at and basketball clearly isn't the answer here.
It's high school. Usually people spend 4 years there. At what point do you stop hosting a team...1 year, figuring they're not going to improve? Or 2 years?

Maybe one of the stars from the "normal" schools will have a traumatic event in their lives, go fully blown ADD, and then get sent to the school, giving them hope for a championship season...or at least a basket or two.

Honestly, I don't see the issue here. So the kids suck. Okay. That doesn't mean that the opposing team needs to have layup practice on them. If the kids hated losing so much I would assume they'd quit the team. Perhaps they still liked playing and saw some improvement.