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    Quote Originally Posted by biccat View Post
    My dad has it set off by pork, caffeine, and tobacco smoke. Pretty interesting.
    My stepson had them set off by excitement or stress. He had one every first day of school for years, had one prior to getting married, had them at birthday parties, sleepovers, etc. We tried all sorts of diet restrictions and nothing stopped them. He gets the terrible ones that Ginger mentioned, where he has visual impairment, vomiting and then he needs to sleep for hours and hours.
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    Dammit man. I'll have to cancel all my appointments now.
    Loyalty Binds Me- Motto of Richard III
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    Quote Originally Posted by lacarnut View Post
    Two friends of mine went to Houston for acupuncture treatment to kick the habit of smoking. It worked for them. I ended my indulgence in smoking and drinking in a blink of an eye. Just made up my mind to do it. Mind over matter works.
    Funny I just crushed my pack of cigs and never smoked again.

    Didnt know I needed to be stuck with needles
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