Hello everyone

The names KSigMason...KSig for short. Found the site after Googling.

Personal side. I'm an Idaho native and wouldn't trade it for the world. I come from a long line of cops and military veterans. I've been in the Army Guard for 7-years now and I work full-time for them as a Tactical Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operations NCO (nice, huh?). I just started this job, before I was an Intel Analyst and loved it, but wanted to branch out.

I still go to school part-time for my Bachelors for International Relations. I speak Italian...poorly, but working on it. While I was active in school...I joined the fraternity Kappa Sigma (that's where KSig comes from). I have an associates in Intel Operations. Before I started college I joined the Freemasons (Mason) and I am currently the Worshipful Master(#1/President) of the Lodge. I'm also a history nut and that is my second major I am going for.

Now for the part most of you are wondering, my politics. I'm a Constitutional Conservative. I have demitted from the Republican Party because they don't represent the People who elected them to their cushy seat. I'm religious, but not a very strong one; I'm more reserved - internal. I do follow the Bible, but I'm no zealot. I'm very pro-2nd Amendment (being from Idaho and having common sense). I am against Abortion with some exceptions. I'm for securing our borders. Less federal government for me, give the States their just powers.

The rest will fall into place as I post.