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    This is the stuff to remember about obama, not the fake crap going around. The parts the media re going to keep glossing over.

    Tell us how you really feel

    Seeing how thrilled so many of my fellow Americans are that a black man -- even a half-black man -- is going to be on the presidential ballot in November I canít help wishing I were one of them. Itís as if thereís a great big party taking place and Iím stuck outside with my nose pressed against a window. But, frankly, I donít know what the hoop-de-do is all about.

    I mean, itís always nice to be reminded that America is the place where anyone is free to achieve his dreams, although perhaps not quite yet her dreams. But when it comes to being president of the United States, the commander-in-chief of the best and the most powerful nation on earth, I donít think we should be getting quite this excited. To me, Barack Obama seems like nothing more than the end result of affirmative action run amok.

    His fans insist that itís unfair to question his qualifications or judge him by his associations. That makes sense because if I were a fan of his, I sure wouldnít want anyone scratching beneath the surface of a pleasant smile and a soothing voice. And, believe me, if he were auditioning for a job as a TV announcer, Iíd hire him.

    The Obamans insist that mentioning any of the manís disreputable friends and religious mentors is a no-no that smacks of McCarthyism. This is an odd complaint because, one, McCarthy was right when he pointed out that the folks who associated with other people at Communist cell meetings were in fact Communists, and, two, every child is told that heís going to be judged by the company he keeps. So, letís face facts -- John Dillinger ran with a nicer crowd than this guy.

    The first screwball we found out about was Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the gutter mouth whose swinish sermons Obama lapped up for a thousand Sundays. Then there was Bill Ayers, the mad bomber who should have wound up sharing a cell with Ted Kaczynski, but instead was apparently offered the option of becoming a professor. And let us not forget Tony Rezko, who was recently found guilty by a Chicago jury of just about everything except kidnapping the Lindbergh baby. Itís still up in the air whether heíll be offered the same deal as Bill Ayers, but thereís no getting around the fact that ďProfessor RezkoĒ has a nice ring to it.

    It probably isnít cricket to include Michelle Obama in this dirty laundry list of Barackís associates, and yet itís hard to simply overlook the fact that he chose to marry this nasty, bitter, openly racist ingrate.

    Finally, when it appeared that we couldnít sink any lower in the barrel, out popped Obamaís longtime friend and religious mentor, Father Michael Pfleger. The first time I became aware of this fellow was when I heard segments on the radio of the speech he delivered at Trinity United. When, later that day, I saw him on TV, I was shocked to see that he was white. Although he seems to have forgotten much of his religious training while serving at Faith Community of St. Sabina, on the South Side of Chicago, he has certainly mastered the black patois. He actually sounded blacker than either Rev. Wright or Louis Farrakhan, but he obviously thinks along the same unsavory lines. Continued

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    One thing thing that is perfectly clear to me is that when these two so called Reverends made anti-American and racist slurs, the members in the church stood up and started clapping in agreement. The creeps that attend this church are racist and Obama was one of them for the last 20 years. If he did not need the white vote, he would still be a member of that church in my opinion. Obama is a racist through and through along with wife.
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    I think Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn are the associations most troubling. Lots of black churches have bombastic and controversial preachers, liberal or conservative.

    The Weatherpeople were terrorists, by today's definition of the term. If Obama's ties to Ayers and his wife are simply being on the same charity board and attending the same charity fundraisers, that's one thing. If Ayers was a political mentor to him, that's a whole different matter.
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