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    Fat dogs seized by RSPCA Pictures Overweight Labradors Rocky and Chubby at link !

    The RSPCA has seized two dogs from their owner after she was accused of feeding them too much.

    Marie Davidson, 48, has not been allowed to see her animals for three months Photo: Geoff Pugh
    The Labradors were taken from their home by an inspector from the charity who said they were just going to be weighed. The organisation has not allowed Marie Davidson, 48, to see her animals, or even told her where they have been kept for the past three months.

    The only correspondence she has had from the society has been two letters, both received in the last fortnight – one to say that its investigation is continuing and another detailing its complaints procedure.
    The case has led critics to attack the RSPCA's tactics.

    Early 2008, an RSPCA inspector called at Miss Davidson's home in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, after an anonymous phone call about the animals. The official carried out an assessment of the dogs, Rocky and Chubby, and said they were overweight. The inspector gave advice on how their weight could be reduced.

    Miss Davidson, who works for Hertfordshire social services and who has owned dogs for more than 20 years, followed the instructions and managed to bring down their weight. However, she had to cancel three vets appointments to have her pets weighed, after her mother fell ill and she had to care for her. "There was a dramatic weight loss," she said. "It was working, although I admit I did lapse for a bit and start to give them a few titbits again."

    After the missed appointments, an RSPCA inspector returned to her house in October while Miss Davidson was at work. The inspector asked her partner, Terry Shadbolt, for permission to take the animals to the vets. "The inspector just asked if she could take them to get them weighed, and he said yes," said Miss Davidson. "When I got home, I rang the vets, and the RSPCA inspector said that under the guidance of the vet, the dogs were not coming home.

    "Three days later, the inspector came to interview me. But since then, I haven't been able to find out anything about the dogs.

    "I am absolutely distraught. I have been put on antidepressants as a result of this.
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