Brutal stew: Mexican gang member dissolves 300 bodies

Mexican authorities have arrested a drug suspect who claims to have used corrosive chemicals to dissolve 300 corpses of other drug criminals during 2008.Santiago Meza Lopez, 45, confessed to having disposed of rivals for drug kingpin Teodoro Garcia Simental, the defence ministry said in a statement on Friday.

Lopez and two other suspects were arrested in Tijuana in northern Mexico on Thursday, the ministry said. Tijuana, located near the US border, is in the centre of Mexico's increasingly brutal drug war.

Meza Lopez, known as Posolero del Teo (Teo's Stew Maker), said he got rid of the bodies, "the products of the drug war, enemies or debtors of Simental," by dissolving them in industrial drums on the outskirts of Tijuana, using caustic soda, a highly corrosive substance.

"El Teo" Simental is one of the most-wanted members of the Tijuana drug cartel.