Eric Holder is a senior partner at this law firm.

Covington and Burling LLP

The firm represents 17 Yemeni nationals and one Pakistani citizen held at Guantanamo Bay. The Supreme Court will soon review the D.C. Circuit’s ruling that ordered the dismissal of a number of habeas petitions filed by Guantanamo detainees; some of our clients are petitioners in the Supreme Court Case. We expect to play a substantial role in the briefing. We also plan to petition the Supreme Court to hear our Pakistani client’s appeal from the D.C. Circuit’s order dismissing his case.
Eric Holder is the Obama appointee who got 16 FALN terrorists pardoned under Clinton.
Now Obama is getting the GITMO terrorists out and is getting them trials.
Trials that Eric Holder's law office will handle.
I'm sure our tax money will go to pay for the defense attorneys at Eric Holders office.