From Nealz Nuze!
I think its closer to the way it happens!

It's taking a long time for this thing to sink in to a lot of Americans, but this Obama spending bill is not a stimulus bill. It's nothing more than good old-fashioned Democrat big-government spending on steroids.

If Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid had delivered their instructions to the Democrat members of Congress I suspect the memo would have read something like this:


As we begin work in the 111th Congress we have been given an unprecedented opportunity to fulfill virtually all of the spending promises we, as Democrats, have made to the voters and to our contributors over many campaigns.

Our economy is in crisis right now and, thanks to generations of government education, most citizens see the solution to our economic problems in government action.

This economic crisis presents us with the best opportunity for government growth since the Great Depression. If we allow the marketplace to begin a self-correction before we move a golden opportunity will be lost. Shortly after the opening gavel your House and Senate leadership want to take advantage of this situation by introducing a massive spending bill. We will have the full cooperation of the media in presenting this spending bill to the people as an "economic stimulus" bill or a "recovery package."

We are asking you to review your campaign spending promises over the past several House and Senatorial campaigns. Please forward to your leadership office no later than this Friday a list of the spending programs you have promised your voters. Your House and Senate leadership, in cooperation with the incoming Obama administration, will review your proposals with special attention paid to their ability to grow the size of our federal government and serve the special interests of our constituency. We will then combine these proposals into a spending bill which will be presented to the voters as an emergency economic stimulus plan.

We are sorry for the quick turnaround on this project, but we have to move on this program before the voters start to entertain the idea that the best way to revive our economy is through the private sector.

We may not have another opportunity like this. We have conditioned the people to accept a government spending solution to our current situation. We have to move with legislation before they figure out that government was the problem here, and not the solution.

We will expect your detailed spending proposals by this Friday. Remember, the primary goals of your spending proposals should be to grow the size of government and fulfill campaign promises. It would be helpful if these proposals could carry the appearance of helping our economy in some small way.

Harry Reid

Nancy Pelosi