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  1. #1 Redheads Are Aliens and Other Things You Didnít Know About the Human Hair 
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    4- Redheads may be aliens
    Thereís a conspiracy theory that redheads are alien-human hybrids. Think about it: Why did several kings and queens of Europe have red hair even though, percentage-wise, redheads are fairly rare? Why do so many Southies have red hair and speak a different language than other Boston locals?

    It sounds crazy, but carrottops do have biological differences other than appearance. Redheaded women bleed longer, which is why doctors make special preparations for them in childbirth. They also have the smallest hair count on their heads, about 90,000 as opposed to 140,000 on people with blond and brown hair. Thatís why Kick a Ginger Day began, just to keep these possible aliens on their toes.

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    Redheads also can take more pain than the average person. They require higher doses of painkillers and anesthesia than others, when it comes down to giving them painkillers. They don't need them as often as others.

    I read a book about red hair. The gene's source, according to this book, is traced all the way back to Africa.
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