PORT ST. LUCIE — The St. Lucie County Fire District firefighter who made headlines last year after allegedly absconding with a man’s foot from an Interstate 95 crash scene was arrested Monday on a misdemeanor theft charge, a Florida Highway Patrol spokesman said.

Cindy Economou, who wanted the remains to help train her cadaver dog, eventually resigned after taking Karl Lambert's foot from the Sept. 19 crash scene, officials said.

FHP officials arrested her Monday in connection with the incident, Lt. Tim Frith said.

In terms of theft, the severity of the charge is largely determined by the value of the things stolen, officials said.

“I think the issue here for everyone was unfortunately the value of the foot,” Frith said. “This particular bizarre incident involving a body part is not listed in the statute as far as specifying it, so therefore it would relate back to some type of monetary value.”



This woman was firefighter of the year in 2007!