Congressman intros bill requiring cameraphones to "click" for pics
Tue Jan 27, 2009 10:17AM EST
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Buzz up!on Yahoo!Face to face with the worst economic crisis to face the nation in decades, our leaders are hard at work trying to come to America's aid. The latest legislative salvo? A bill that would require cameraphones to make a sound "audible within a reasonable radius of the phone whenever a photograph is taken with the camera in such phone."

The bill, called the Camera Phone Predator Alert Act, is the brainchild of New York's Peter King, and it's a response to the continued popularity of voyeuristic photos snapped on the sly by those darn kids. King specifically cites adolescents being spied upon "in dressing rooms and public places" in the draft of the bill.

As well, Wired notes that a similar law is already on the books in Japan, where such behavior is practically a national pastime.

But, as Wired also notes, the prospects for King's stateside bill doesn't look entirely rosy. He has no co-sponsor for the action and, a smattering of press reports aside, there hasn't been much interest in the legislation at all.

One supposes that Congress may have other matters at the top of its mind right now than phone-wielding peeping Toms. Just a hunch.