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If the rhetoric of pro-life is to be taken at face value, then we absolutely should not have any more compassion for a woman who had an abortion than we would a woman who hired a hit man to kill her child. Even the article in the OP goes to great lengths to drive home the point that it is murder. Refusing to man up and not punish the woman and doctor like murders, however regrettable it may be, reveals that even many pro-lifers don't believe their own rhetoric.
No, it reveals that we have a fundamentally different worldview from you. We aren't bound to make this kind of determination strictly according to case law while you have no other tools to use but a legal quid pro quo.

Our concern is to save the life of the child, offer the mothers dignified options, and turn the culture away from the idea that human beings who have done no wrong are expendable. We don't actually operate under the 'tooth for a tooth' standard of OT law. We don't see the issues around pregnancy and motherhood in the same light as you do.

And that's just fine, it makes us all "diverse" and "multicultural". ;)