Earthquake Rumbles Grady County, South of OKC.....

CHICKASHA, Oklahoma -- A 3.4 magnitude earthquake startled residents but did not do any damage this morning in Grady County.The United States Geological Survey reports that earthquake occurred at 5:19 a.m. about 5 miles northeast of Chickasha. Read the USGS report. Several people felt the quake southwest of the Oklahoma City metro.
Jerry Lee, Lewis-Keith Richards-Whole lot of shakin going on

Nancy Hill lives in Amber, about 14 miles north of Chickasha, and said her whole house shook for just a couple of seconds. "It was just amazing," she said. "The dogs kind of perked their ears up and looked around."This morning's earthquake is the biggest in the state since 3.8 quake in Lawton in 2002.

An earthquake typically must measure 2.5 to 3 before it is felt people. Magnitude 4 earthquakes have been known to cause moderate damage, according to USGS guidelines. Alisha Thomas felt the quake at her Blanchard home. "Everything just started shaking," she said. "My son woke back up. The pictures fell off the wall. It was kind of weird