This didn't exactly copy my email from the local NBC affiliate, called "Breaking News". Every day, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day, I get the breaking news. The problem is now the news isn't featured. When I copied this, it doesn't accurately portray the message. The breaking news is in the font I'm currently using, not bolded, maybe about an inch or less of the total message. Then we get to Barracki. They've been running his pic and inauguration stuff every day. The font is huge, bolded, underlined. The actual news isn't really featured.

I sent a message to them, which I'm sure no one will ever read there, but it made me feel better. I told them if they have even a shred of journalistic integrity, they will not be cheerleaders for Obama. And I suggested they look at the calendar. The inauguration is OVER!

House approves economic stimulus billThe Democratic-controlled House has approved an $819 billion economic stimulus package critical to President Barack Obama's plan to revive the economy.
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