I love the plain spoken way Charlie puts things.


President Bush again asked congress to lift the ban on drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico.

As I write this I have not seen any of the rebuttals he's bound to receive form the greenies and the politicians who dance on their strings,

I saw a headline on the web, which asked if Bush was right about drilling in the gulf. The answer to that is simple. You're danged right he's right.

You see what doesn't hold water here, no pun intended, is that the environmental bunch are afraid of doing damage to the ecosystem. Well, here's a rude awakening for you folks, other countries are going to be drilling offshore and there ain't a dad-blamed thing Greenpeace, the Sierra Club or the whole United States Congress can do about it.

Even if they do damage to our ecosystem what are you going to do about them. The answer is absolutely nada, zilch, nil, nothing, simply because other countries like China and India don't particularly give a possum tail about the ecosystem. Have you checked the air in China and India lately?

So we are supposed to sit back and let other countries come into our backyard and harvest oil? That's just downright hillbilly dumb.

The big cliché among the politicians today is, "We can't drill our way out of this." well let me tell you something Mr. and Ms. Politician, you probably can't see it from your lofty perch atop your ivory tower in Washington, but the people of this nation are fed up with giving their grocery money to Saudi Arabia.

Let me throw up a red flag for you. When it gets to where a man can't feed his family because of the price of fuel, there is going to be more trouble in this country that you can even imagine.

Just wait until the price of diesel fuel makes it impossible for trucking companies to make a profit and they start pulling trucks off the delivery routes. Let's see how America reacts to empty store shelves.

The airlines are already canceling service to some cities, laying off people and taking planes out of service.

And still some of you people sit on your padded posteriors with your heads stuck in the sand. Not only will you not do anything, you blast anybody else who attempts to do something.

One of the most disgusting and stupid things I've ever seen a senator do was when Chuck Schumer said that if we drilled in ANWR it would take ten years to harvest the oil. Well Senator Schumer, it's people like you who stopped the process ten years ago, and if we'd drilled back then the oil would be flowing now. And besides that, what makes you think we're not going to need the oil ten years down the road?

It's just insane. We've got oil in ANWR, we've got oil in the Gulf, and we've got oil in our Western states. Nuclear power is safe and clean, but a disgusting bunch of politically motivated wimps in Washington refuse to do anything about it.

The time that we needed to drill for new crude oil sources, start building nuclear power plants and new refineries is long gone. We should have started the process years ago.

So it's one of two things, Congress. You can grow a set of gonads that are not in the hands of rich environmental radicals or watch the economy of this country go down the drain.

Wake up and smell the anger.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

June 20 , 2008