During the Presidential Campaign of 2008 how often had we heard the wiley Barak Obama claim that Senator John McCain was entirely out of touch with the American People? What happens when we have a President that is out of touch with reality? Or perhaps looks to his foreign policy as being if being out of touch with reality?

President Barak Obama had sent his Middle East Peace Envoy, former Maine Senator George Mitchell to Jerusalem in a comedic attempt to convince Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and Defense Minister Ehud Barak that Israel needs to help consolidate and strengthen the cease fire in Gaza so that bilateral Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations may resume.

In an attempt to fool the world that the Israeli people are the agressors here, its important to discount the hundreds of rockets and mortar shells fired into Southern Israel on a daily basis from the Palestinians from the Gaza Strip. For Americans this would be to believe the filtered news stories brought to you by MSNBC and the like.

The Israeli Defense Force was sent into Gaza after nearly two years of patience from the Israeli government in southern Israel living with the continual array of explosives landing in their neighborhoods.

The days of Israel sitting back and waiting are overwith. Peace negotiations will not resume with Hamas until their government allows for a TRUE cease fire which is defined as adherance to a resounding peace in that area. Until then the Israeli Government's stance is the protection of their own citizens and offense tactics will be executed by the IDF until Israel's point is made.

It would be useless and ignorant on the Obama Administration to think that true peace will resume in the Gaza Strip by petitioning the nation that is trying to protect itself from annilation by ignoring the aggressors and disruptors of any lasting peace.

The Hamas Government. :o