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    As President Barak Obama had mentioned in his first televised interview as President of the United States to Al-Arabiya television, he believes the American people can find common ground with Islam, by stating that American is filled with many Christians, Jews, Non Believers and Muslims. The average mind this may sound great in making an attempt to unify the United States of America with Islam as President Barak Obama is now being called: "The Great Unifier" (only ten days in office, by the way).

    In liking the mix of religious people in the United States as being Christian, Jew, Non Believer and Muslim, the eastern Islamic mind views this simply one way: The United States is filled with many Infidels, Infidels, more Infidels and Muslims. A move to state his support of Islam without coming out forthright with it and waking up the nation.

    Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadjinedad has gone public less than twenty four hours later demanding an apology for all war crimes the United States has caused in the Middle East. In the Islamic eastern mind, this means: Your mere presence in the Middle East is a war crime.

    In a drastic change of foreign policy, President Barak Obama has just legitimized a maverick or rogue terroristic state, that of Iran and given them authority now to dictate to the United States. The saber rattling will eventually prompt such nations as Iran into action, and while continuing on with its nuclear program could prove to be an enemy to be reckoned with.

    In not having given the American People the courtesy of addressing them first, being that he leads the American People, there is now a national false sense of hope that will drop defenses and lead the American people into sorrows we could not have imagined in our own lifetime.

    Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadjinedad is now our international buddy. We are friends to all of Islam if we are to believe or follow the lead of our Chief Executive. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadjinedad has taken the opportunity to let America know what he brings to the table as a Buddy to the people of the United States of America.

    - Ending our foreign policy as supporters of Israel.

    - Withdrawing ALL military personnel from their duty stations AROUND THE WORLD.

    - Apologize for toppling the elected government of PM Mohamed Mossadegh in 1953.

    - Its support of the Iranian Shah.

    - Its support of Saddam Hussein during the Iraqi and Iranian war in 1980s.

    - The USS Vincennes shooting down of an Iranian airliner in 1988.

    On Tuesday, the 27th of January, Secretary of State of Hillary Rodham Clinton told reporters that the Obama Administration is undertaking (it means taking action), a wide ranging and comprehensive assessment of American Foreign Policy options towards Iran.

    With buddies like this, do we really have any enemies?

    It appears that Iran offers us wonderful opportunities to make nice, nice with them. In the Old Testament with options such as this, people simply just fell on their sword.

    Is America falling on our sword?
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    To that nut case, existing is a crime. I have no doubt that if he had the capabilities, he'd turn the USA into a nuclear wasteland.
    "If every poor man is to come here and start requesting money for all his children, the applicants will never be satisfied and the nation's finances will collapse." Emperor Tiberius: Tacitus:Annals

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