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    Judge Says Citizens Need To Buy Guns To Protect Themselves
    posted January 28, 2009

    General Sessions Court Judge Bob Moon on Wednesday told a female home invasion victim she needs to buy a gun to protect herself.

    "There should be a law that law abiding citizens with no felony convictions should own a gun," the judge said while setting bond for Colton Dobbins.

    Judge Moon told Danielle Walker, "I know many fine police officers. But we can't depend on the police to protect us any more."

    He said Chattanooga is the 57th most dangerous city in the country, and to many criminals "the value of human life means nothing to them."

    The judge said, "With 7,000 foreclosures every day and 6,000 kids dropping out of school" that the crime situation is going to get much worse.

    He told the 18-year-old Dobbins he is "lucky to be alive" after barging into the home of Ms. Walker.

    Judge Moon said, "If it had been my house you came in on, you would have wound up at Coulter Funeral Home."
    That's refreshing!

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    My kind of judge, wish we had more like that in legit self-defense cases.
    Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it
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