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  1. #1 Tell us What do you hate about the media? 
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    Tell us What do you hate about the media?
    Turk: Media is a political machine by design of the non conservative save everything but the humans green peace movement. We as a first world nation can now see our own demisee within our culture and how the fabric of liberal media is tearing this country apart. Everyone wanted [...]

    JS: I'm disgusted by their complete and utter disregard for the truth if it in anyway negates anything liberal. Sickening, close minded idiots!!

    Mo: I hate the media's enormous arrogance and lust for power.

    Peyton: I hate how the media hates eighty percent of Americans.

    SpoutingHorn: How they insist they're objective.

    Tom: What I hate about the media is that they are always quick to point out errors by republicans, but slow or absent on democrats.

    Mark (administrator): Welcome to our new "Comment Wall" where you can tell us what you hate about the media.
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    The Enquirer has more ceditibility than the MSM.
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