Got this out of Marcell Hazan's , essentials of Italian cooking book. This is the most simple and tastiest way to get a pasta dinner on the table in under an hour. The onion and butter really make this a light and sweet sauce! While you are tasting it, you find yourself tasting it every minute!!!

1 Large can whole Italian plum tomatos, with the juice
1 stick butter
1 onion quartered
parmesian cheese


Pulse the tomatos in a mill or processor untill just chunky

Put the tomatos, onion, butter and salt in a sauce pan and cook uncovered at a slow simmer for about 45 minutes. Stirring occasionally.
Meanwhile make your pasta, we used linguine.

When all is ready, discard the onion pieces and toss the pasta with the sauce.

So easy!

After 45 minutes


Add cheese and mangia!