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    Mrs. Hopie and I got our tax return back this week, providing an frightening opportunity to see our plummet into liberal-speak acceptance. I'm guessing I'm not alone, because my friend and neighbors also have the twisted view of tax returns as manna from the Potomac. But the initial excitement of our personal stimulus package (no, not in a dirty sense) soon waned as we reviewed this treasure given to the federal (and state) government to fund programs with which we wholeheartedly disagree.

    But one look at the bloated stimulus package--filled with STD prevention, big labor benefits, ACORN funding, and money for squash production and sales--should give us all pause.

    The Republican American ( is chronicling a disturbing list of nominees for senior level (including finance-related) cabinet positions who clearly don't see paying taxes as a populist least not for themselves. One party--the party that brings you more government--wants more of your taxes to fund their pet projects, and in some cases personal extravagance. Frighteningly, can't even keep up with the growing list, as their post doesn't even take into account highly touted OPM budget-scrubber-to-be Nancy Killefer. Killefer (Obama's pick to combat government waste) reported today, withdrew her nomination after acknowledging she failed to pay taxes on the extensive staff of help hired to raise her children for her. Here's rep-am's list, and the full text:
    Rebublican American - DFL tax raisers/evaders

    Now I don't begrudge these fine citizens for being fortunate enough to have a car, driver, housekeeper, nanny, another nanny, cook, etc., but SONOFA....!!! Is there anyone in the DFL paying taxes...and if not, would you kindly get your hand out of my pajamas?
    One suggestion: review the tax returns of each federally elected (and appointed) official. If they paid their fair due, how much stimulus would we really need?
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    The link to in the article is broke. Here is the link to: Growing list of 'honest mistakes' mentioned in the article.

    I think we all understand the way this works now. If you are a socialist elected official or former elected official and not a mass murdered, child rapist or conservative you get a free pass. All others get prosecuted.
    "If every poor man is to come here and start requesting money for all his children, the applicants will never be satisfied and the nation's finances will collapse." Emperor Tiberius: Tacitus:Annals

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    I would like to know how we the people can get our voice heard. How can the people of the USA obtain an in depth look into the backgrounds and current dealings of our current elected officials? What options do we have to force these officials to resign or give up their seat in our government for committing obvious crimes? How do we get our judicial system to protect us from these criminals or politicians? How do we the people take back our country? How can we the people protect ourselves from our (the criminals) that have been elected. Criminals that come to mind are showing up in the news almost hourly with Baracks cabinet appointees. If they can’t work for our pres then they shouldn’t be able to work for we the people. We need to get the bad apples out. Can we start a petition to send to congress and the senate to let them know that we are out here and don't want to tolerate there criminal behavior? Can we take them from untouchable to touchable?
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