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  1. #1 F'in SNOW! Jesh, the worst this year... 
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    Trying t leave for work this morning I discovered a car buried in snow blocking my driveway.

    So I worked from home. I still had to dig out. Check this wall of snow out.

    That just aint right. This is the end result of what we affectionately call "lake effects snow". It wasn't even a winter storm, it was just cold air blowing down from Canada that picked up moister from the lake, froze it then immediately dropped it right on top of us.

    This is what it looks like on radar when it happens. That little band of white stayed over our area for 24 hours.

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    Holy cow that is a lot of snow. We occasionally get one like that here in CO, but no very often.

    It is going up to 66 today and 65 tomorrow.
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    I hate to say it...but I actually like this stuff. Wish we had more of it around here.
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    Freaken weatherman said yesterday morning we at best would get 2 inches of snow but low and behold we got 6 inches :(
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    That's some snow ya got there FA!!!:D

    When I was living in WI we used to get lake effect stuff but never like that.
    I was just in H.S. and remember we'd get a few inches every day for a week
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