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  1. #1 Virginia Senate passes restaurant carry, rejects private gun sales ban 
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    This week brought good news for Virginia gun owners. Yesterday the Virginia Senate passed SB 1035, patroned by Senator Emmett W. Hanger, Jr. (R - Mt. Solon), to repeal the hated restaurant ban.

    A matching bill, HB 1821 patroned by Delegate Joseph P. Johnson, Jr. (D Abingdon), is pending action by the House of Delegates. Meanwhile New Mexico's House Business & Industry Committee unanimously recommended a bill to decriminalize gun carry in many or most restaurants serving alcohol, and a similar bill will be also considered by the Tennessee legislature this year. [See previous report.] And today the Virginia...
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    Woo Hoo!:)... This is a good start.

    Sorry Senator. The people's freedom of contract in guns is not a loophole – it’s the public policy of Virginia and most states. And freedom’s no loophole
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