For some it would be the stuff of childhood nightmares, but a Japanese company is creating robot dolls that look just like their customers.
The 'Look A Like' dolls were displayed by LittleIsland president Hiroaki Koike at the annual Gift Show in Tokyo.

Customers place their order for a robot doll along with a photo of who they would like it to resemble and six months later they receive a spookily similar 'Mini-Me' in the post.

Uncanny valley: An employee of Japan's robot venture displays a bride version of her look-alike robot doll
If that wasn't creepy enough, it can even be taught to sound like you, using an inbuilt microphone, Windows XP computer and voice recognition software.

After connecting to a Local Area Network it will then mimic your voice as it reads out RSS feeds such as weather reports, although it cannot move its mouth. ...


Now if it could go to work in my place I might be interested.