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    Group Wants Pot Allowed in Airport Smoking Lounges .Denver-based organization says pot is safer than alcohol

    DENVER - One pro-marijuana group is calling on the government to allow marijuana in smoking lounges at airports across the country.
    Cigarette smoking at Denver International Airport and other airports across the country is restricted to smoking lounges.
    Members of the Denver-based organization Safer Alternative for Enjoyable Recreation (SAFER) will ask the government Tuesday to allow pot in airport smoking lounges.
    The group says in a press release that the idea will address the growing number of in-flight problems involving drunk and disorderly passengers. Members claim marijuana is a better alternative to alcohol to help more fliers relax and deal with the anxiety of air travel.

    Woman Accused of Punching Flight Attendant Told Not to Fly

    DENVER - A New York woman accused of smoking a cigarette and punching a flight attendant on a flight traveling from New York to San Francisco will no longer be able to travel on planes or drink alcohol if she is released.

    Christina Szele of Woodside, New York, was arrested June 17 on charges of assault and interfering with flight attendants on a Jet Blue flight that was diverted to Denver.

    FBI agents say Szele shouted obscenities and racial slurs at a fight attendant who tried to stop her from smoking.

    Szele was able to break through plastic handcuffs used to restrain her and punch the attendant in the face.
    A federal magistrate in Denver set Szele's bail at $10,000 Monday.

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    The fallacy here is that potentially violent drunks would have any interest in smoking dope. That's unlikely.
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    Marijuana+airplanes doesn't add up to good things, in my book, and I'm pro-legalization, for the most part (we need that tax money!). If you can't smoke cigarettes in an airport or plane, you certainly shouldn't be able to smoke pot, even if it were legal to do so elsewhere.

    It didn't do John Denver a lot of good.
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