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  1. #1 Donate To The Victims Of The Victorian Bushfires. 
    Bushfire fund breaks $2 million in one day
    February 9, 2009 - 3:05PM

    Australians have opened their hearts and their wallets, donating $2 million to the Salvation Army's bushfire appeal in just one day.

    The appeal was only set up yesterday.

    Fires worse than Ash Wednesday
    With entire towns of razed to the ground and the death toll rising, the Victoria bushfires are the deadliest in Australian history.

    ``We've cracked the $2 million mark. It's an unprecedented outpouring of goodwill never seen before in our living memories,'' Salvation Army spokesman Pat Daley said.

    Call centre operators had reported that donors ringing to give money were extremely emotional about the loss of life and property in the Victorian bushfires.
    Several links on the site offer online donation methods. The Aussies are sensibly asking for money instead of goods. Please share this info and let's see if we can drum up some support for our friends Down Under. This situation has become nothing short of horrific.

    Bushfire Donations
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