ANIMAL FLOOD REFUGEES--Drat, the stupid link isn't working again. Sorry. Charter is terrible.

It's getting depressing, hearing constant stories of more levees breaking with the force of the Mississippi River flooding so many areas around here.

God bless the folks who are stepping up to the plate to save the animals. Unlike the Hurricane Katrina animals, there's a plan and the pets left behind (not in the numbers like Katrina) are being saved.

Four Legged Friends Also Affected by Flooding Crisis

By Ryan Dean
KSDK -- The Midwest has seen just how quickly a community can flood when levees are breached or overtopped, and pets are sometimes left to fend for themselves.
There are some who remember the images of 1993 flood in Missouri and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina along the Gulf Coast. Hundreds of animals were trapped by water and many died as a result. The Humane Society said it's encouraged with how people are taking care of their animals during this recent crisis.

However, the group continues to find pets and strays that need rescuing. The Humane Society has established a temporary shelter at Winfield High School, where animals are being taken for food, water and any medical treatment they require.
Employees with the Humane Society said around 85 pets and strays have been rescued in Lincoln and Pike counties alone.

People who are in a hurry to leave town and are not sure what to do with their pets, can temporarily drop them off at the shelter.

The Human Society said most the animals they've rescued have come as a result of tips from neighbors in the area. And workers will actually go on boats to get to those homes that have stranded animals.
They announced on the local stations that the folks have 10 days to recover their animals. Otherwise, they will be put up for adoption.