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    McCain's Vietnamese Jailer says he was never tortured
    Weirdest article I've ever read.... Former jailer supports McCain for President, but says he was never tortured.

    From ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company):

    "REPUBLICAN US presidential candidate John McCain has got some unexpected support from his former Vietnam War jailer, who said he would vote for the former navy pilot if he could.

    Speaking to the BBC from Haiphong, Tran Trong Duyet also insisted that Senator McCain's assertions that he was tortured during his time at the prison were lies, and that no one held there was ever subjected to torture."

    From -,23599,23913409-5012572,0...

    BBC article here -

    doesn't even begin to explain it....

    And no, it has nothing to do with that crazy Jim Carrey movie...
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    BTW-Anybody have a screensaver.Those miscreatnts make me ashamed to be a liberal and a Democrat. I'm ashamed to breathe the same air
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