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    Quote Originally Posted by Eyelids View Post
    lol. I really disagree with this decison; the fuckers need to fry.
    Are you well ,did you bang your little pointed head ?That's the first rational thing you have ever typed on this site !
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    I'm not sure about this. I don't want anyone executed out of hand. The courts do a good job normally when death penalty cases are heard. If we execute people for murder and that evolves into execution of (child)rapists, what's next? Remove Child from rapists and now we are executing run-of-the-mill-rapists.

    When we get tired of the drug pushers, we'll line them up next. Who knows, Liberals may be on that list eventually.

    We have an instinctive, visceral hatred of any crimes against children. I don't want to automatically buy into the death penalty for child rapists based on emotion. Imprisonment is 100% effective for this crime because there is a zero percent chance of the prisoner attacking a child while incarcerated.

    I also don't get any satisfaction out of the possibility of further punishment while behind bars. We hear about how the child abusers are beaten/killed/raped in prison. I don't KNOW this to be true. It may be urban legend because I have also heard a few stories that this isn't actually true. I favor a real court decision on punishment because I know that will be enacted.
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    Interesting points...

    The "whats next" argument is logical and worth discussing, but lets get real and understand how certain crimes are viewed in this country. Rape is a horrible crime (and I'm not talking about the 19 year old sleeping with a 16 year old statuatory bullshit) that really deserves severe punishment for those who commit it. I come from the camp that says it is nearly impossible to fully rehabilitate a violent criminal; once somebody crosses the threshold once they are infinitely more likely to commit the same crime again. How many kids can be willing to endanger? Oddyseus put it somewhat humourously but the liklihood of an executed criminal commiting the same crime again is rather low. In some cases murder can be on some level justifiable (of course we dont call it murder then), but never can the same be said about rape of any kind.

    You kill these fucks by the bushel the same way you would cattle, and maybe that dent in the child-rapist population and the implied deterrent of the death penalty will help protect those who cant protect themselves.
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