Border fence crawls to end ( A necessary shovel ready project )

.................."Bush Did It, Take It Apart And Bitch about It !"

Construction on the fence along the United States and Mexico border is wrapping up, but the work has not been warmly received by some. More than 600 miles of the proposed 670 miles of fencing are expected to be finished by May, according to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency.

The Congressional Budget Office said the cost should be $3 million per mile. Duncan Lee Hunter, who formerly represented San Diego's eastside suburbs in Congress, had proposed that the fence cost $3.2 million per mile.
"We stand behind those low costs set that were submitted

to DHS before the fence construction project started," said Joe Kasper, press secretary to Rep. Duncan D. Hunter, R-El Cajon, Duncan Lee Hunter's son.
"Evidently, DHS has complicated the construction process and has decided not to use the most cost-effective recourses available."

The Secure Border Initiative program has received about $3.6 billion in appropriated funds to complete 670 miles of vehicle and pedestrian fencing along the 2,000-mile border.

Initiative funds totaling $393 million were allocated to SBInet, which called for the Boeing Co. - a main contractor of the entire fence project - to build a virtual $20 million fence along the southwestern border.

Last year, the project stalled due to technical problems.