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Wed Jun-25-08 02:59 PM
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I Put My Carter Hating RePuke Boss In His Place: So much fun!

First off, My boss (who like me is in his Mid-20's)and I have very open political discussions, so I fear no retaliation whatsoever for standing my ground and letting him know my political views. He is however a very aggressive Fundie RePuke that carries Hanni-Limb-Savage water on a daily basis (Endless RW Talk Radio Talking Points). It was very fun to have him discover that Carter was far stronger and a better president than he could have imagined.

We were having a discussion about worst presidents ever and I let him know Dubya will probably go down as the worst president in history. He took the typical RePuke position and put Carter at the top of the crap list. He was bashing Carter up and down, every issue from the economy, to the military, and Iran Hostage. I just told him the truth and let him know about some "hidden" facts regarding the greatness of James Earl Carter.

1) Military: Carter did absolutely NO damage to the military. His plan for a smaller nuclear force and responsible conventional forces spending was the right thing to do. It would have kept the Soviet threat nuetralized and would not have led to the fiscal disaster of the Reagan 80's wasted arms buildup. My boss took the "Oh He cancelled the B-1 Bomber and made us weaker against the Soviets" angle. Again, I had to smack him down with the truth. Carter cancelled the B-1 program because it was a bumper technology to the next generation. Carter APPROVED the secret ATB Bomber Program in 1978. The ATB eventually became the B-2 Stealth Bomber, America's finest strategic air asset. Reagan abused this issue in the election and Carter COULD have brought the ATB to light for political expediancy, but he chose to keep it quiet! Carter was a patriot and rightly kept this nations secret. I asked my boss, "is that the act of a terrorist sympathizer or a america hater?" Again, just a simply "Oh" in response.

2) Panama Canal Treaty: I simply told him how he would like it if another country owned the most important/profitable piece of real estate in your native country. Jaw dropped, I told him how he would like it if Mexico owned the Mississippi River or Canada controlled the Interstate Highway System. The native population (us) would not like that at all! He was quiet after that.

3) Iran Hostage Crisis: He hammered away on this issue. I asked him flat out "Do you believe military men should plan and execute missions without political interferece?" He said "Absolutely". I let him know to look up Operation Eagle Claw and see how the failure to rescue the hostages rested with the Military and bad weather! The Military planned that disaster (Col. Beckwith I think was his name)and Carter tried his best, but it just did not pan out. I also let him know that Bush lets HIS commanders make the decisions on the ground and that is ok with you, but Carter doing the same thing is ignorance? Simple Silence

4) Economy: I just left it as Free Markets and inheriting the Nixon/Vietnam disaster economy. I was too tired to debate anymore.

It was very fun to put this RePuke in his place. I wish more people would stick up for Carter and not let conservatives take advantage of this hole in history. Carter had his faults, but he did the best possible job he could have. He is an honest American and one President that we can always look up to with pride (Unlike Dubya, who is a skidmark on this nations history!).
This sounds like it is directly taken from the bouncy template.

Hidden facts about the "greatness" of Jimmah. ROFL!!!!!! :D