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  1. #1 "Florida Woman Caught Poisoning Baby Food In Publix Market !" 
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    Woman Charged with Poisoning Baby Food Products

    TAMARAC, Fla. -- A South Florida woman was arrested after police said she poisoned baby food products in a grocery store.

    Broward Sheriff’s Office detectives said they arrested a 50-year-old Shirley Ybarra of Sunrise after she went into the baby food aisle of a Publix grocery store at Commercial Boulevard and 411 in Tamarac and donned rubber gloves before mixing an acrid, black substance into baby food and juice containers.

    Store surveillance video showed Ybarra wheeling her shopping cart down the aisle, where she worked on the jars and bottles for about 15 minutes as shoppers and employees passed unaware.

    She added a dark liquid that smelled of ammonia to the food, police said. She had the liquid in a Victoria's Secret body splash container.

    When confronted by store personnel, Ybarra said she was mixing food for her son. During the course of this investigation, detectives conferred with Publix officials who checked other area supermarkets to determine whether Ybarra had visited them.

    All of the items were examined by the BSO Crime Scene Unit and the contaminated products will be sent to the Food and Drug Administration for testing.
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    Here is a little more regarding this lunatic. Apparently the 'supervised' release leaves a bit to be desired.

    link to the article

    The violation of probation charge stems from Ybarra’s 2006 conviction of assault with a deadly weapon…she stabbed a friend with a kitchen knife and was placed on supervised release for 5 years. Nice.

    Her family and friends claim that Ybarra has mental issues and that she would never hurt anyone. Hmmm…what does the friend with the knife wound have to say about that?

    And the son she was mixing the baby food for? He’s a 21-year-old adult living in Orlando.
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    The woman is obviously mentally ill and prolly a democrat to boot.
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