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  1. #1 Pet Poodle Nabs Nose. 
    Woman's nose retrieved from pet poodle

    Italian police were called to catch a poodle that had bitten off the nose of its female owner before running into the garden.

    They chased the poodle, called Vale, around owner Loredana Romano's garden before finally retrieving what was left of the nose.

    Mrs Romano, 34, from Forli in northern Italy, said. "My little Vale often climbed into bed with me, I don't know why she suddenly bit off my nose."

    Doctors were able to salvage the chewed nose and reattach it but say she will now have to go undergo a long course of reconstructive surgery to repair the numerous scars.

    The woman has already forgiven her dog but says it will not be allowed to sleep in her bed again.

    "I should have listened to my husband when he always told me he should be the only one allowed in the bed," she said.
    If you know Latin, this story is even more amusing. :D

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    Shouldn't this be titled:

    Pet Poodle Pilfers Proboscis
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    Quote Originally Posted by biccat View Post
    Shouldn't this be titled:

    Pet Poodle Pilfers Proboscis
    I could go either way. Sometimes the Latin/French wins the day and sometimes the Anglo-Saxon prevails. :D
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