China: Hong Kong chef jailed for meat-cleaver attack on grumbling diner

........................Chop,Chop."What, no tip ?"

Hong Kong - A Hong Kong chef on Thursday began a 20-month jail sentence for attacking a woman diner with a meat cleaver after she complained about his food. Cheng Chi-wai, 50, hit the 47-year-old woman on the head with the cleaver after she grumbled about the meal she was served in the seafood restaurant in the city's Wan Chai district.

He ran into the kitchen and emerged with two meat cleavers after she remarked on the poor quality of his cooking and hit the woman on the forehead with the blunt side of one of the cleavers.

Chan Kwai-chun suffered a fractured skull and a 6-centimetre wound that required 11 stitches in the incident that took place in September, Hong Kong's District Court was told.

At a sentencing hearing Wednesday, Judge Francis Cheng told the defendant his actions had been "uncivilized." He jailed Cheng after the chef pleaded guilty to wounding causing grievous bodily harm.