Background: I was walking from Herald Square to Penn Station today and found myself behind a very attractive young lady wearing tight fitting white jeans, flouting one of my favorite assets in a woman. She also had relatively long hair, not thick but mid-back length, tied into a single pony tail.

Observation: Walking behind her, observing in the name of science, I noticed that (1) she moved her hips very well when walking and (2) her pony tail tended to bounce from side to side when she walked as well.

Correlation: Upon continued observation, I noticed that when her left buttock trended downward, while walking, her pony tail would swing to the right and when her right buttock trended downward, her pony tail would swing to the left.

Analysis: This seemed, on the surface, counter intuitive, as, without observation, I would have predicted the opposite.

Hypothesis: The motion of a walking woman's pony tail is in direct opposition to the motion of her buttocks.

Validation: Since I observed a relatively small sample set (1), I determined to expand that sample. However, being so intrigued with the results of the single sample (who went all the way to Penn Station in front of me), I failed to do so. I shall undertake that as a scientific mission and, hopefully, publish the results in a peer-reviewed journal soon.