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    I received a book about Nelle Harper Lee for my birthday and thoroughly enjoyed it.
    It is called Mockingbird.

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    Girding myself this morning to begin Michael Reynolds' four volume biography of Hemingway: The Paris Years, The Homecoming, The 1930s, and The Final Years. Unlike my attitude towards Fitzgerald, I've always found Hemingway's life more readable than his works, excepting The Sun Also Rises, which may be the best novel of the 20th century. I find it interesting that, while Hemingway died in 1961, the author partitions his life into three volumes covering the period 1920-1939 and one covering the remaining 20+ years!
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    I am currently reading several books but the main ones are "The Philosopher's Handbook" edited by Stanley Rosen and "The Mind of God" by Paul Davies. "The Philosopher's Handbook" is a collection of writings from various philosophers throught history and is a very good book for anyone who wants to be exposed to a lot of different philosophical points of view in a short period of time. "The Mind of God" concerns itself with a scientific/philosophic look at the evidence for the existence of a Creator.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkScribe View Post
    I wanted to ask a couple CUers here about an author but I figured I'd start a thread...

    I started reading an author I haven't read in YEARS (and I have four of their books, having previously read two others in the past), RIPPER by Michael Slade. Really like their stuff (Slade is actually a pseudonym for what is now a father/daughter writing team, from Canada), kinda gritty, raw, edgy psychological horror novels but intelligently done (no fluff stuff like James Patterson). I Googled Slade and found an official website and also a link to a Fangoria online interview from last week. They're doing a motion picture of Headhunter (the first Slade novel from the mid-80's) due out in 2009 and the new Slade book due out in September is called CRUCIFIED, and will be the first without the Detectives from the RCMP Special X unit. But the plot sounds very cool.

    Anyone else on here read Slade?
    Reading Swatzstikar now .I found a Slade 'Gold Mine'
    at the local library and I am working my way through it !
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